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Qt is the #1 technology for cross-platform development powering 5 out of top 10 Fortune 100 companies and other leading businesses in over 70 industries across the globe. Our C++ developers apply the tool to create cost-saving applications that use a single codebase to run on any operating system.

Outsourced Product Development and Qt Developers for Hire

Expert in outsourced software development, ScienceSoft Qt specialists can create a Qt product from scratch or join your development team when you need it most:

  • Full-cycle application development: from requirements gathering through design and testing to implementation
  • UI development: platform-native and customized UIs using Qt APIs and QML
  • Software porting: rewriting your legacy application with Qt to support other platforms
  • Software maintenance: creating new features and fixing bugs
  • Dedicated Qt developers and teams with a short ramp-up time (2-4 weeks)
  • Qt consulting: we offer expertise to help you implement architecture design and analysis as well as a proof of concept to maximize the outcome of your project
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Our Experience in Qt Development

For years we have been building Qt experience to respond to our clients’ increased demand for cost-efficient applications with fast delivery to market:

  • 31 years in C++ development
  • 40 Qt developers
  • 50+ successful projects
  • 100% project delivery
  • Viber Desktop, Stop Procrastinating app and the award-winning image processing applications are among our hallmark projects

Benefits of Using Qt

Short time-to-market and reduced costs

Creating and maintaining a shared source code allow you to save development time and effort instead of striving to make the software work for every single platform.

High performance

Qt takes advantage of the C++ capabilities which is compiled directly to machine code and ensures unrivalled application speed.


Qt applications provide equally smooth user experience across all operating systems and screens.

Smart UI

With Qt you have two options to create user-friendly UIs:

  • Going with the out-of-the-box interfaces that offer end-users a platform-native look-and-feel and familiar touch
  • Modifying the existing widgets to create a unique custom design tailored to your brand identity
QVision for complex image analysis tasks

QVision is an open source object-oriented and cross-platform library for C++ based on Qt. It offers a rich functionality for image and video processing, image analysis and augmented reality.

Our Clients

Historically, our Qt solutions powered recognized software product companies as well as startups that have eventually evolved into star businesses like Viber. With 76% of our revenue coming from the customers we have been serving for more than 1 year, we are committed to 100% project delivery to make sure that they stay with us for years. Our cooperation models allow for being agile enough to control the delivery while letting us take care of the development process from A to Z.

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