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We offer one-stop services in Custom Software Development for Enterprises. ScienceSoft has extensive experience in business automation, including the work with such software as ERP, CRM and HRM. For more than 30 years, we have been successfully building partnership relations with large companies around the world. We have the full understanding and complete knowledge of global companies’ specific workflows and business needs, and we are ready to assist them using our bespoke software.


We are glad to offer our gathered domain expertise or bring new ideas from related industries into your solutions. ScienceSoft is ready for new challenges and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to start mutually beneficial business relations.

For many years, we have been creating Enterprise Solutions for our clients around the globe in such industry domains as:


Our solutions dramatically cut maintenance and support expenditures, raise clients’ loyalty, combine online support and automatic self-care mode.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

These ERP dynamic solutions help to strike a balance in planning, supporting and delivering inside of supply chain, in manufacturing and business administration.

Our sustainable document management solutions enable professional decision-making for safe storage, backup copying, access and versions control.

These solutions, engineered by our experts, ensure automation of marketing and sales activities, enable tools for planning and reporting, assist in CRM workflow automation, backup and access rights management.

Workflow management

We tailor custom management solutions that fit exclusively in your enterprise structure and business needs for automation and tracking of all business processes.

Accounting software

Our custom accounting systems help to deal with any financial & banking activities, solve specific tasks in real time, assist in anti-money-laundering, tracing fraud and risks management.


Mature and high trusted partner

With 31 years in business, we boast a great Portfolio and one of the best references in the industry. We know how to build long-term relationships with any client, be it a large established corporation or a young and brand-new startup.

Comprehensive business analysis and consulting

The development of complex corporate systems requires a professional approach. ScienceSoft practices Business Consulting for user’s requirements management, workflow visualization, UI/UX prototyping and system specifications development.

Wide technological portfolio

Our impressive tech portfolio includes virtually all most sought-after platforms and frameworks. Our experts develop different solutions, from cloud distribution systems to niche mobile apps.

Expert management approach

We do not crank out our products but carefully plan and design each element of a would-be system to allow different consumers to effectively solve their business objectives. Our informational systems encompass analytics, personalization, workflow management, security levels and so on.

Need a Robust Enterprise-Level Solution?
ScienceSoft’s consultants will analyze your enterprise’s business needs and offer you a solution that will fully meet them.